Strategic and Operational Planning for the Management and Mitigation of HIV/AIDS in Education. Summary of Workshop Proceedings 15-19 January, 2001

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In January 2001, a workshop entitled "Strategic and Operational Planning for the Management and Mitigation of HIV/AIDS In Education" was convened at the request of the Zambian Ministry of Education (MOE). A detailed Workshop Report on the outcomes, proceedings and deliberations at the workshop was prepared. The purpose of the full Workshop Report was to:-Provide the Zambian MOE with an understanding of the strategic planning process, its objectives and the consensus reached;-Provide the basis of a preliminary strategic plan for the mitigation and management of HIV/AIDS in education;-Provide action planning steps, processes and other skills that can be adapted and expanded to suit MOE requirements and ensure sustainable implementation;-Provide the MOE and its donor and development agency partners with an insight into the extent and range of needs for technical assistance, from both inside and outside Zambia; and-Provide the Mobile Task Team (MTT) and other concerned agencies with insights into theZambian experience and its response to HIV/AIDS planning, in order to:a) widen understanding of the southern African situation; andb) improve the collective capacity to provide focused assistance.This summary document provides an overview of these workshop discussions. The full Workshop Report is available from Health Economics and HIV/AIDS Research Division (HEARD), University of Natal, Durban, 4041

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