The University of Zimbabwe HIV and AIDS policy guidelines

Policies & Strategies
University of Zimbabwe
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The purpose of this policy is to provide a framework that will guide the University community to develop an adequate and appropriate response to HIV/AIDS. This policy will provide an institutional response supporting the National response to the pandemic. The framework of the policy is guided by the Human Rights Provisions contained in the Constitution of the Republic of Zimbabwe and by Statutory Instrument 202 of 1998-Labour Relations (HIV and AIDS) Regulations, 1998. The Policy has five main components: 1. The rights and responsibilities of students and staff infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. 2. The integration of HIV/AIDS into teaching, research and service activities of all University Faculties and Institutes. 3. Provision of prevention care and support services on the University campus including appropriate referrals. 4. Implementation, monitoring and review of the Policy. 5. Creation and maintenance of an enabling environment within the University that supports positive behaviour change regarding HIV prevention, care, and support including stigma reduction.

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