Women and Men. Together for HIV/AIDS Prevention. Literacy, Gender and HIV/AIDS

Literature Reviews
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The stereotyping of men and women reinforces unequal sexual practice; a vision of women as weak, innocent, passive and submissive while men are strong, virile, possessive and authoritative is conducive to rape and violence. The role of superstitious beliefs is an important factor; these generally take from women in various ways their right of choice and power of decision over their bodies.The special problems of living with HIV occur in all societies; the responsibility for honesty in sexual relations and proper care of sufferers. The simple financial cost is huge in poor societies; the cost of treatment, the loss of income of infected and affected persons. There is often little provision of counselling and services for AIDS sufferers and their families. Many of these factors will affect women unequally; it is women who mostly provide care and who are at greater risk because they have so little choice.

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