Youth alive initiatives project

Programme Reports & Evaluations
Washington DC
World Bank
p. 22

This programme is included in the Source Book of HIV/AIDS Prevention Program that presents 13 cases studies of good and promising practices of HIV/AIDS prevention programs in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Midlands AIDS Service Organisation (MASO) targets 10 -24 year olds, in and out-of-school youth in urban and rural areas of the Midlands province of Zimbabwe. This programme aims to encourage safer sexual practices among youth, reduce the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the general population, and promote positive living among people who have been infected and affected. To achieve these aims, volunteer teachers are trained to lead youth clubs. Young people become members of the clubs voluntarily, and those who attend are trained by the teachers in peer education and adolescent sexual and reproductive health issues. These youth then disseminate information among their peers to encourage life skills development, communication, and behaviour change. The program has put together a number of manuals and materials that can be obtained from the MASO offices, some of which are: 1) The counselling training module for school heads; 2) Participatory approach to community development; 3) Facts about HIV/AIDS; 4) Various pamphlets and posters (Smart boys and girls, healthy eating in the midst of HIV/AIDS).

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