Youth HIV and AIDS training manual

Toolkits & Guides
Uganda. National Youth Council
91 p., illus.

This document was produced by the National Youth Council in Kampala, Uganda; which is faced with the challenge of addressing HIV and AIDS issues among youth at all levels of the council structure. This training manual was developed in response to the call by the youth themselves to improve communication and awareness programs in their society. It has been written for trainers of youth and youth leaders who shall be engaged in life skills training and peer education project of the National Youth Council. The main goal of the manual is to develop the capacity of the youth and to sensitize them about HIV and AIDS and other related problems confronting their daily lives. It has been designed to: 1) Provide information about AIDS and the situation of the youth in the world of HIV and AIDS; 2) Provide practical skills to youth that are needed to overcome their fears and anxieties as they grow up; and 3) To act as a reference point for youth leaders/peer educators as they impart knowledge to others. This manual will also serve as a resource for youth leaders to help them change their behaviours and attitudes and to mobilize others to be proactive in the fight against HIV and AIDS. It provides an outline and instructions for a five-day training session; including a proposed training schedule, with a proposed lesson plan for each session to help the trainer manage time. Particular training methods are also recommended for each session.

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