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Case Studies & Research
Case Studies & Research | 2023

From invisible to indispensable

New research shows why bisexual and pansexual youth need comprehensive sexuality education that meets their needs. Comprehensive sexuality education (often referred to as CSE) is important to prepare young people for safe, productive, and fulfilling lives.

Case Studies & Research
Case Studies & Research | 2023

School-based healthcare and absenteeism: evidence from telemedicine

The prevalence of school-based healthcare has increased markedly over the past decade. We study a modern mode of school-based healthcare, telemedicine, that offers the potential to reach places and populations with historically low access to such care.

Toolkits & Guides
Toolkits & Guides | 2022

National teacher preparation standards for sex education

The updated National Teacher Preparation Standards for Sex Education are divided into seven standards: Standard 1: Professional Disposition. Teacher candidates demonstrate comfort and proficiency with, commitment to, and self-efficacy in teaching sex education.

Programme Reports & Evaluations
Programme Reports & Evaluations | 2022

Welcoming Schools 2021 annual report

Using an intersectional, anti-racist lens, Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Welcoming Schools program is dedicated to providing actionable policies and practices for educators.