Young men as equal partners (YMEP)

Learning & Teaching Materials
Swedish Association for Sexuality Education, RFSU
150 p.

This publication provides "knowledge, values and understanding of issues on sexuality to boys and young men". It centres on the deconstruction of gender stereotypes that lead to lack of communication and risk behaviour, and advocates a positive view of sexuality to empower individuals to make healthy, respectful and responsible choices. The authors believe that, in order to achieve behaviour change, sex education programmes must be "realistic and closer to the realities and feelings" of young people. Consequently, they seek to provide insights into how to discuss the sexual issues boys and young men currently face. This includes questions on masturbation, homosexuality, contraception, abortion, sexual abuse, pornography, as well as STI prevention and safer sex. It also strongly encourages educators to reflect on their experiences of sexuality and, when appropriate, to share this experience with students in order to build trust. In each of the 16 chapters, discussion games and role-play are suggested to tackle these subjects. Individual testimonies are quoted to illustrate the relevance of each topic to the life of young people and the situations they face. The purpose of this document is to provide knowledge, values and understanding of issues regarding sexuality education for boys and young men. The guidebook covers the following subjects for discussion: anatomy and growing up; the sexual act; masturbation; homosexuality; self-esteem, relationships and gender roles; fertility awareness, contraceptive methods and abortion; STIs, safer sex, the condom; pornography; sexual abuse.

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