HIV and AIDS terminology guide and glossary for English-Arabic users

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Stigma and discrimination remain a major fact for people living with HIV. However, despite agreement that stigma and discrimination must be overcome to turn the tide on the epidemic, communities and governments continue to struggle to protect people's rights and dignity. The Middle East and North Africa region is experiencing one of the fastest growing epidemic rates in the world, yet stigma, denial and ignorance of HIV remain rampant. Language can shape public opinion, perception, attitudes and may influence behaviours. Thus, language should be constructive, dispel myths and stereotypes, and not contribute to prejudice. Given the intrinsic link between HIV and AIDS and moral and taboo issues, it is pertinent that terminology used be scientifically correct and non-judgmental to strengthen the response to AIDS. This guide is developed for all professionals who need to communicate on HIV and AIDS accurately between English and Arabic. This includes UN officials, HIV and health professionals, government officials, media personnel, NGOs, interpreters, and translators among others.

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