Reaching the Unreached: A Practical Guide to Producing HIV and AIDS Prevention Audio-Visual Material in Ethnic Minority Language

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The manual is designed for people who want to develop materials in ethnic minority languages but are not sure how. Explaining and giving examples of why culture and language are essential in HIV prevention, the manual offers a simple but detailed explanation of the 12-Step UNESCO Methodology for developing and creating these culturally and linguistically appropriate prevention materials such as such as radio shows, TV soap operas, comics and movies. It also outlines practical steps needed to design and produce a prevention drama in ethnic minority languages. Although this manual focuses on HIV and AIDS, drug abuse and trafficking/unsafe migration, the UNESCO methodology can and should be applied to a wide range of other issues such as maternal and child health, immunization, agriculture and even tourism. The "Reaching the Unreached: A Practical Guide to Produce HIV and AIDS Prevention Audio-Visual Materials in Ethnic Minority Languages" will be available in English, Chinese and Thai. There are plans for translating the manual into Khmer, Lao and Vietnamese.

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