Treatment education: a critical component of efforts to ensure universal access to prevention, treatment and care

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L'Education au traitement du VIH et du SIDA : composante cruciale de l'action en faveur de l'accès universel à la prévention, au traitement et à la prise en charge
La Educación relativa al tratamiento del VIH y el SIDA: un componente esencial de las iniciativas en pro del acceso universal a la prevención, el tratamiento y la atención

This report, developed by the UNAIDS Inter-Agency Task Team on Education, explores some of the main issues contained within the definition of treatment education, signaling ways that the education sector can play a role along with others engaged in efforts to achieve universal access to prevention, treatment and care. It considers some key strategies including how to effectively engage and prepare communities and how to involve key constituencies and in particular people with HIV and those on treatment. This book is structured along 3 key areas/sections which include; 1) Treatment Education, 2) Strategies for treatment education and 3) conclusions and recommendations. The section on Treatment Education covers topics such as knowing ones status, enrolment criteria and equity of access, information on drug regimens, treatment costs, adherence to drug regimens and continued protective behaviour. The section on strategies for treatment education covers topics such as preparing communities, involving people living with HIV including those on treatment, linking prevention and treatment, tackling stigma and discrimination, working with traditional healers and supporting and strengthening health and school systems. The third section on conclusions and recommendations covers topics such as ensure that the education sector is fully engaged in treatment education, support inter-sectoral collaborations, focus on gender-responsive strategies, maintain and expand prevention education, address multiple groups and targeted messages and employ a range of approaches for different settings and groups. The book aims at promoting and supporting good practices in the education sector in relation to HIV and AIDS.

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