Strategies to end school-related gender-based violence: the experience of education unions in Africa

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Stratégies pour éradiquer la violence fondée sur le genre en milieu scolaire: l’éxperience des syndicats de l’éducation en Afrique
Estrategias para poner fin a la violencia de género en el ámbito escolar: la experiencia de los sindicatos de la educación en África
Estratégias para acabar com a violência de género no âmbito escolar: a experiência dos sindicatos da educação em África

This document draws on the experience of nine EI member organisations in seven African countries committed to combatting SRGBV in their contexts. It presents the wide range of actions and strategies education unions can initiate to confront the challenges SRGBV poses to their students, members, organisations and societies. This collection of union experiences is intended to inform and inspire education unions and their members to test their own approaches to eliminating SRGBV. The document will also inform other stakeholders in the education sector interested in learning more about the unique strengths and specific roles education unions can play as partners in collective efforts to end SRGBV. The document is divided into two parts. The first section focuses on actions these unions have taken internally to adapt decision-making structures, update policies and deploy resources to empower their members to act. The second section looks at how education unions have reached out to other stakeholders – legislators, ministries, civil society organisations, traditional leaders, parents, media and learners – to pursue coordinated strategies for change.

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