Five Year Strategic Plan to Address Adolescent Pregnancy in Ghana 2018-2022

Policies & Strategies
vii, 44 p.

This Strategic Plan is organized into six sections. The Introduction to the Plan provides brief historical background information on the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection's Department of Gender which is followed by the rationale for developing the Plan. There is also a description of the Strategic Plan development process. In addition, there is a one-page summary of the Strategic Plan in terms of the vision that drives the Plan, the Goals and Strategic Objectives envisaged to be achieved. This is followed by a Contextual Analysis that presents the national context within which the Plan is to be implemented and a brief account of adolescent pregnancy and reproductive health situation in the country which has informed the development of the Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan also presents the Strategic Identity of the MoGCSP which summarises the vision and mission statements and strategic objectives of the Strategic Plan. There is also the Strategic Direction which presents the main thematic areas of the Ministry and describes the organizational development and effectiveness as well as institutional governance and resource mobilization, institutional capacity-building, coordination and information dissemination. This is followed with a presentation of a summary of the Implementation Strategies and a matrix of the Implementation Plan relating programmes/interventions to impact/output indicators, the time frame as well as targets and estimated costs. There is also a Logical Framework presented as detailing the Monitoring and Evaluation Plan that presents information on objectively verifiable indicators for evaluating key actions, sources and means of verification and key assumptions/threats with respect to the interventions under the strategic objectives of the Strategic Plan. Finally, PEST and SWOT analyses that identified the key adolescent pregnancy strategic drivers which in turn informed the implementation of the Strategic Plan are presented as analytical annexes.

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