HIV and AIDS in the education sector in Cambodia: overview on monitoring and evaluation (process and impact) (Fact Sheet: 2)

Policies & Strategies
Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. Interdepartmental Committee for HIV & AIDS, ICHA
34 p.

This ICHA Fact Sheet (#2) aims at briefly describing the Ministry's Monitoring and Evaluation system that is based on a dual approach using quantitative and qualitative tools for assessing both process and impacts of HIV and AIDS programme. As a key cross-cutting issue, monitoring and evaluation (M and E) is entirely integrated in the HIV/AIDS Ministry's programme. The MoEYS M and E system addresses both Process and Impact(s).The following sections briefly describe how the Ministry is assessing its HIV/AIDS strategy:Section 1 gives an overview on how the MoEYS monitors and evaluate behavior changes and the effectiveness of the national "Life Skills for HIV/AIDS Education Programme".Section 2 briefly reviews mainstreaming HIV/AIDS in the MoEYS: integration of HIV/AIDS in the National Curriculum, Pre and In-Service Teacher Trainings, Curriculum development, etc.Section 3 presents basic information on Institutional Development and Capacity Building: effectiveness of Policy and Systems development, Financial management, Staff performances, Trainings.

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