National school health strategic plan 2013/14-2017/18

Policies & Strategies
Ministry of Education
38 p.

The purpose of the school health strategic plan is to provide a detailed roadmap and framework for the effective implementation of the school health policy. The strategic plan seeks to ensure implementation of quality integrated services for all children at school, calling for inter-sectoral coordination of the education, health, nutrition, sanitation, and child protection sectors. This strategic plan develops an implementation framework, which includes institutional arrangements required to manage and guide this approach. Seven key strategic areas form the basis of the strategic results framework: 1. Health promotion, disease prevention and control; 2. HIV, AIDS and other STIs; 3. Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights; 4. Gender and GBV issues; 5. Environmental health; 6. School nutrition; 7. Physical education; 8. Mental health and related needs.

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