Universities and HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa: a case study of the University of Ghana, Legon

Case Studies & Research
26 p.

This study is in response to the ADEA Working Group on Higher Education's decision to undertake case studies on the way HIV/AIDS affects some individual universities in Africa, and to document the responses and coping mechanisms that these institutions have developed. The purpose of the exercise is to generate understanding of the way the disease is affecting universities and to identify responses of staff, students and management that might profitably be shared with sister institutions in similar circumstances. Essentially, the studies are designed to answer five questions: 1. In what ways have the universities concerned been affected by HIV/AIDS? 2. How have the universities reacted to these impacts? 3. What steps are the universities taking to control and limit the further spread of the disease on their campuses? 4. What HIV/AIDS-related teaching, research, publication and advisory services have the universities undertaken? 5. How do the universities propose to anticipate and address the larger impact of HIV/AIDS on the national labour market for university graduates? Should university access, including via distance education, be consciously increased to compensate for expected national losses in skilled professional personnel?

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