Youth participation and leadership: an effective tool in combating HIV/AIDS in southern Africa

Case Studies & Research
Student Partnership Worldwide, SPW
20 p.

The case studies throughout this paper are designed to serve three purposes: to share promising practice of where National AIDS Authorities across the region are working with young people and to showcase activities and methods of youth participation that could be replicated; to demonstrate the benefits to NAAs of working with young people; to start sharing solutions to some of the common barriers to working with young people faced by NAAs. While the case studies do not explicitly set out ways and next steps for replication it is hoped that they will encourage NAAs to look at similar possibilities of working with young people in their own organizations. They are not meant to be taken as standard - there will be a need for flexibility and adaptation to different social, economic, political and cultural contexts if they are replicated. The case studies have been sourced from National AIDS Authorities within the SADC region, with the addition of Kenya NACC and SPW Uganda sharing learning from East African Community. As well as the case studies, there are a series of recommendations to take youth participation forward as well as some general principles for youth participation that should be common across all activities.

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