COVID-19 aftershocks: access denied; teenage pregnancy threatens to block a million girls across sub-Saharan Africa from returning to school

Case Studies & Research
World Vision International
38 p.

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked unprecedented havoc on children, families and communities around the globe, disrupting vital services and putting millions of lives at risk. Since March, attempts to avert the global health crisis have seen nationwide school closures in 194 countries. This report spotlights one particular vulnerability that is known to be exacerbated by school closures in times of crisis and risks the continued education of vulnerable children: teenage pregnancy. World Vision estimates that as many as one million girls across sub-Saharan Africa may be blocked from returning to school due to pregnancy during COVID-19 school closures. Read this report, to learn about some of the girls who will be impacted and find additional information on both the problem as well as proposed solutions.

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