Draft HIV/AIDS and Education Policy and Strategic Planning Framework 2002-2006

Policies & Strategies
34 p.

This document sets out provisional policy and strategic priorities identified by MINEDUC in the education sector's fight against HIV and AIDS. The battle against the HIV/AIDS pandemic is not only about limiting its spread. It must also address the needs of those who have suffered personal loss or who may be sick and dying, as well as the health and well-being of the system of education itself, as more and more educators and officials are affected by the disease and its consequences.The Ministry believes that it is the role of the education sector - all its personnel, institutions, and nongovernment partners as well as international agencies - to contain the spread of the virus through lifeskills teaching and other learner-focused activities. Provide a basic level of care and support for educators and learners infected and affected by HIV/AIDS protect the system of education so that the sector can provide education and training of suitable quality and strengthen the capacity of the sector to respond to and manage the pandemic.In this consultation paper, MINEDUC sets out strategic planning concerns, before introducing the draft policy paper on HIV and education, and the draft strategic planning framework. It is essential now that ways be found to cooperate in adjusting proposed priorities, planning for action, ensuring that the goals of the sector are consistent with those of the national HIV/AIDS plan, and achieving agreed objectives.

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