Healthy, happy and hot: a young person's guide to their rights, sexuality and living with HIV

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This guide aims to support young people's sexual pleasure and health, and to help them develop strong intimate relationships. It explores how human rights and sexual well-being are related and suggests strategies to help make decisions about dating, relationships, sex and parenthood. It explores the rights of young people living with HIV to: express and enjoy their sexuality; decide if, when, and how to disclose their HIV status; experience sexual pleasure; take care of their sexual health; practice safer sex; choose if, when, how many, and with whom to have children; access support and services that respect their dignity, autonomy, privacy and well-being. This guide is for: young people who are living with HIV or who have a partner who is living with HIV; young people who have recently been diagnosed with HIV as well as those have been living with HIV for a while or since birth; young people living with HIV who are married, in a relationship with one or more partners, as well as those who are single, dating, or just want to have sex; young people living with HIV who are just starting to think about dating and sex as well as those who have more experience; all young people living with HIV: men, women, transgender people and those who are figuring out their gender identity; young people living with HIV who are interested in dating and having sex with people of the same sex or opposite sex, as well as those who are exploring and questioning their sexual orientation.

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