HIV and AIDS in the education sector in Cambodia: institutional arrangements and ToRs of the "Interdepartmental Committee for HIV and AIDS" (Fact Sheet: 4)

Policies & Strategies
Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. Interdepartmental Committee for HIV & AIDS, ICHA
31 p.

This ICHA Fact Sheet (#4) aims at briefly describing the Ministry's institutional arrangements for strengthening its Interdepartmental Committee for HIV and AIDS (ICHA). The implementation of the Ministry's HIV and AIDS programme required an up-to-date review of all the ICHA organisational arrangements to ensure that staff are clear about their roles and responsibilities, lines of accountability and other similar matters. This manual sets out the results of that review which was completed by bringing together information from:a pre-existing consultation draft prepared within the ICHA Secretariat titled Proposals for Strengthening the Interdepartmental Committee for HIV/AIDS and its Secretariat - March 2005.a supplementary functional analysis of the work of ICHA linked staff, developed specifically to enable the introduction of the proposed output based incentive scheme.Through the amalgamation of these analyses, this manual now:assists in strengthening the operation and eventual outcome of the ICHA programme by clarifying further the institutional arrangements enables the operation of the output based incentive scheme by detailing certain key administrative tasks and the overall timetable within which these must be completed and against which performance is judged.

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