HIV and AIDS in the education sector in Cambodia: overview of the national "Life Skills for HIV and AIDS Education Programme" (LSHE) (Fact Sheet: 3)

Policies & Strategies
Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. Interdepartmental Committee for HIV & AIDS, ICHA
38 p.

This ICHA Fact Sheet (#3) aims at briefly describing the Ministry's national "Life Skills for HIV and AIDS Education Programme" (LSHE). The programe aims:To deliver, with the support of NGOs, a Life Skills for HIV & AIDS Education (LSHE) Programme in Primary and Secondary schools of Cambodia (rolling program).To adopt an appropriate methodology depending on the age and skills of the Cambodian youth (classroom teaching in Primary Schools3 and Peer Education in Secondary Schools and with Out-of-School youth).To cover students from grade 5, 6 (primary) and from grade 8, 11 (secondary).To extend the programme to Out-of-School youth (13-19 years old), including street children.To establish and train in each District a core team (approx. 8-20 persons; depending on the size of the District) of Teachers, Youth Officers and Monks who will subsequently be responsible for delivering the Life Skills for HIV & AIDS Education programme by providing: Classroom teaching in primary schools (grade 5 and 6); Training and supervising Peer Educators in Secondary schools and Peer Educators for Out-of-school youth over 13 years old.To sensitize teachers and School Directors on Life Skills for HIV & AIDS Education and on the benefits of Peer Education.To provide on-the-job training to Grade 5 and 6 teachers.To develop IEC materials for the programme, utilising available teaching/learning and peer education materials as appropriate.To create an enabling environment that will support a smooth implementation of the programme through sensitisation of parents, community leaders, monks as well as district and province based officials and other key stakeholders.

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