Involving young people in efforts to combat HIV and AIDS in Africa: the importance of income-generating strategies

Case Studies & Research
58 p.

Poverty and limited access to health care, education, and paid employement create situations that make young people most vulnerable to HIV infection. This paper examines the importance of developing strategies to involve young people in income-generating activities to fight HIV and AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. These strategies support young people in gaining important skills and earning income to reduce their own poverty. The strategies also help foster a sense of hope and purpose in young people as they contribute to addressing this social problem. The paper highlights: 1.The prevalence of HIV and AIDS among young people, predominant modes of transmission, populations affected, and related social issues in sub-Saharan Africa, 2.The interrelationship of HIV and AIDS, economic development, poverty, and work for young people, 3. Specific case examples of organizations that involve young people in the continuum of HIV and AIDS prevention, treatment, and care services and offer models for compensating young people'contributions

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