National Strategy for Adolescent Health 2017-2030

Policies & Strategies
Directorate General of Family Planning
62 p.

This National Adolescent Health Strategy 2017-2030 was developed to address the overall health needs of adolescents by taking a broad and holistic understanding of the concept of health. The Strategy has identified four priority thematic areas of intervention: adolescent sexual and reproductive health, violence against adolescents, adolescent nutrition and mental health of adolescents. In addition social and behavioural change communication and health systems strengthening are included as cross cutting issues, which need to be addressed for the effective implementation of the strategy. The management of the National Adolescent Health Strategy will require an effective management and coordination structure, which has been detailed in the final section of this strategy document. This document highlights the importance of all relevant actors in the development sector – both Government and Non-Government – working in collaboration with each other if the goal and vision of this strategy is to be realized during the given time period.

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