School meals: The transformative potential of urban food polices

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The Milan Urban Food Policy Pact is the main legacy of the Universal Exhibition “Expo Milan 2015” Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. The Milan Pact is a global commitment of mayors from around the world that considers food as an entry point for the sustainable development of growing cities. It represents the main framework for cities and international stakeholders active in the definition of innovative urban food policies.

School Meals Programmes are a powerful driver of urban food policies through which cities can achieve multiple cascading objectives: promoting sustainable food consumption for children and facilitating the shift to a healthy and sustainable diet; fighting against food poverty; working on health prevention and healthy food habits; strengthening rural-urban linkages; raising awareness among children on food waste. These objectives are at the core of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact. Within the Framework for Action there is a whole category on “Sustainable Diets & Nutrition” which is primarily linked to school meals

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