Solomon Islands: sexual and reproductive health rights needs assessment

Case Studies & Research
UNFPA Pacific Sub-Regional Office
54 p.

The purpose of this needs assessment is to establish the level to which the SRP rights and needs of the population of Solomon Islands have been met and to assess what needs have not been met. This report provides an overview of the existing available sexual and reproductive health services in Solomon Islands, identifies the gaps, issues and challenges that exist and provides recommendations to improve rights based sexual and reproductive health services in Solomon Islands. The basis of the Solomon Islands SRHR Needs Assessment is a comprehensive literature review and the collection of qualitative and quantitative data collection from key informant interviews
with senior personnel from a cross section of relevant non-government organizations (NGOs) and agencies. Consultations were guided by UNFPA’s SRHR Needs Assessment Tools for SRHR, and HIV (Appendix 2). Components of the assessment included partnerships, policy, SRH service delivery and its key enabling factors, family planning, mother and newborn health, prevention and management of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV and gender based violence management.

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