Integration of HIV/AIDS studies into the comprehensive university undergraduate curriculum: a strategy to eliminate infection among students

Case Studies & Research
60 p.

In South Africa, first year university students are vulnerable and at a high risk, of HIV infection the other group need immediate intervention because they might be sexually active and have established patterns of risky sexually behaviour. The number of students infected with HIV/ AIDS-related illness is increasing and this affects institution negatively. The purpose of this phenomenological study was to examine whether the integration of HIV/AIDS into the curriculum can reduce or minimise the infection rate among students. The objectives of this phenomenological study are to: 1) to review the social scientific literature and research findings on curriculum integration of HIV/AIDS in order determine the approach in which the curriculum integration can be made in a Comprehensive university; 2) to explore the views among the selected group of students who are studying at a comprehensive university; 3) to suggest a research agenda for the field of curriculum integration; and 4) to develop tentative, provisional guidelines and recommendations.

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