Kenya fast-track plan to end HIV and AIDS along adolescents and young people

Policies & Strategies
National AIDS Control Council
41 p.

Goal: To fast-track the HIV response to end new HIV infections, AIDS related deaths and stigma and discrimination in adolescents and young people. Objectives of this fast-track plan: 1. To reduce new HIV infections among adolescents and young people by 40%; 2. To reduce AIDS related deaths among adolescent and young people by 15%; 3. To reduce stigma and discrimination by 25%. Target beneficiaries: The target beneficiary populations are adolescent boys and girls aged 10 – 19 years and young people, particularly women, aged 20 – 24 years. The Response: This fast-track plan recommends evidence-informed combination approaches to achieve the set goals. It prioritizes and defines specific interventions that are expected to produce the highest returns on investment if implemented on scale. Thus, this plan does not attempt to capture and recommend all HIV interventions for this population, but instead utilizes a population-location-risk approach to prioritize interventions. This plan outlines service packages tailored to population and age groups and prioritizes strategies that will facilitate an enabling environment and address structural challenges to the response. An advocacy plan will be critical to sustaining the fast-track momentum. It outlines targets for different sectors and counties that are required to achieve the national aggregate objectives of this plan. The plan is founded on a multi-sectoral approach with clear accountability mechanisms based on sector / agency mandate. A monitoring and evaluation plan that draws on existing systems and mechanisms of data collation and reporting has been outlined. It is aimed at keeping track of progress towards targets, promoting accountability and reporting routinely to stakeholders and the relevant ministries concerned.

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