National school health and nutrition policy

Policies & Strategies
Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
iv, 32 p.

The SHN Policy guides the education sector and its partners to pursue five main priorities to adequately integrate school health and nutrition into the education sector: (1) school nutrition including school meals; (2) school health, hygiene and sanitation; (3) child protection; (4) institutional set-up – linkages, integration and coordination; and (5) mainstreaming of cross-cutting issues into school and teacher training curricula. It is, therefore, important for all sectors of the economy to play their roles towards the realization of the policy’s objectives. We expect that our coming together, as key players in the implementation of the SHN Policy, will make a significant difference in Malawi and respond to the national and international aspirations and expectations. Finally but not least this policy recognizes the critical roles of local communities, development partners, the private sector and government itself.

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