Policy on the prevention and management of learner pregnancy in schools

Policies & Strategies
p. 3-34
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Government Gazette, vol. 678, no. 45580, 3 December 2021

This document sets out in the Department of Basic Education’s Policy on the Prevention and Management of Learner Pregnancy in Schools, its goals, guiding principles and themes to reduce and manage the incidence of learner pregnancy and its adverse impact on the affected learners and, more broadly, on the basic education system. The Policy provides guidance on the reduction of unintended pregnancies, management of their pre- and post-natal consequences, limitation of associated stigma and discrimination against affected learners and, importantly, the retention and re-enrolment of affected learners in school. Furthermore, this Policy is informed by an agenda to eliminate gender disparities in education. This Policy seeks to ensure accessible provision of information on prevention, care, counselling and support, frameworks for impact mitigation, the choice of termination of pregnancy and guidelines for systematic management and implementation. In particular, it commits the DBE and other role players to providing comprehensive sexuality education, as a crucial part of school curricula to safeguard learner’s sexual and reproductive health rights.

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