Ready to learn and thrive: school health and nutrition around the world

Literature Reviews
New York
157 p. + 15 p.
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Aprender y prosperar: salud y nutrición escolar alrededor del mundo
Aprender y prosperar: salud y nutrición escolar alrededor del mundo; puntos clave
Apprendre et s’épanouir: santé et nutrition scolaires dans le monde; points clés

School health and nutrition programmes are among the most widely implemented public policies in the world. Governments recognize that these initiatives significantly improve health, nutrition and learning outcomes for school-age children and adolescents and deliver big development gains to their communities and countries. Yet too many children are still missing out on the integrated programmes they need. Drawing on existing literature, the most up-to-date data, and case studies from around the world, this report provides the first overview of the extent to which countries are supporting their children and adolescents through school health and nutrition policies and programmes. It encourages efforts to improve, scale up, sustain and monitor the progress of these programmes to address learners’ needs holistically, so that all children and adolescents can learn and thrive.