Yaba's dream. Côte d'Ivoire

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15 p., illus.
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Le Rêve de Yaba. Côte d'Ivoire

This booklet is one of a series prepared during the UNESCO training workshops to produce gender-sensitive materials for HIV/AIDS prevention for Southern African countries. The gender theme that is integrated into this post-literacy materials allows for the recognition of local conditions, attitudes, values, beliefs, dreams and aspirations. This booklet addresses a wider-range of issues normally not incuded in materials for HIV/AIDS, such as the secondary status of girls and women in the family, wife inheritance, traditional medicinal practices, supersitions, home-based care and living positively with HIV/AIDS. The series aims at providing materials that can help readers: women, men, young and old change their attitudes, which, in turn will bring about positive changes in their behaviour and urge them to raise issues and seek answers to questions concerning their risk of contracting HIV/AIDS. It also takes into consideration, readers with limited literacy skills.This story is about the importance of information-sharing on serious issues such as HIV/AIDS with others, and with particular emphasis on the role and impact of education.

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