The African report on violence against children

Case Studies & Research
Addis Ababa
134 p.

The report aims to inform and accelerate pan-African, regional and national efforts to prevent and respond to the violence perpetrated against children. its continent-wide focus on the experiences of African children is unique, as is its analysis of the interaction and effect of African beliefs, behaviours and attitudes on violence committed against children. The report
also aims to recognise and highlight progress achieved to date not only in the evolving understanding of the problem, but also in relation to improved actions for prevention and response. Accordingly the report sets out to do the following: Review the prevalence of different forms of violence against children, including those who are most vulnerable, in order to understand the risk factors involved, including complicit social and cultural norms; Gauge the impacts of violence on children, including through their own perspectives; Examine what is being done and what can be done to mitigate violence, and to transform attitudes and behaviours in such a way as to reduce its incidence and the damage it causes to children’s lives.

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