Contextualizing HIV/AIDS in educational planning and management. A training needs assessment for educational planners and managers in Ghana

Case Studies & Research
Ghana. Ministry of Education
55 p.

HIV/AIDS constitutes a major threat to the education system in Ghana. HIV/AIDS is negatively impacting on the Ghanaian education systems as teachers and other key personnel are dying or becoming ill. Student enrolment and achievement are falling as children become infected or are needed to assist with care in the home. Increases in HIV/AIDS infection rates are likely to lead to increases in illiteracy levels, lack of skilled manpower, depreciation of labour force and the deterioration of quality of life, resulting in economic decline and increases in public expenditure on health.HIV/AIDS has complicated the context of educational planning and management in Ghana. The epidemic and its impact have thrown up many challenges, including managerial capacity problems, not only in the educational sector, but also in other sectors. The integration of HIV/AIDS into educational plans and policies has become imperative if the effects of the epidemic are to be alleviated. Addressing capacity issues, especially training needs, could accelerate and improve planning, management and delivery of HIV/AIDS interventions within the educational sector. Educational planners and managers need to become involved in combating the disease - and this can only happen if they are equipped with the necessary skills, materials and strategies for combating the disease.The study therefore attempted to assess training needs for education managers and planners in the context of HIV/AIDS. It found that there is no explicit policy on HIV/AIDS in the education sector in Ghana but there is a strategic framework that guides the implementation of HIV/AIDS-related activities in the sector. There is also an expressed political commitment and support for HIV/AIDS, but limited support in terms of funding, logistics, reliable statistics or training for planners and managers.

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