HATEC: HIV/AIDS teacher education course for primary colleges of education. Tutor’s guide

Learning & Teaching Materials
CHANGES 2 Program / Ministry of Education,
50 p.

Recognizing the importance of teachers in stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS in Zambia, the Ministry of Education requires that HIV/AIDS be integrated into classroom teaching at all levels. MOE, along with many partners, are implementing in-service training for teachers to give them the skills to do this. However, in order to be sustainable, HIV/AIDS needs to be an integral part of the COE curriculum. A survey of COE student-teachers and staff conducted by MOE and CHANGES2 in 2006 showed that student-teachers do not feel comfortable or well-prepared to teach HIV/AIDS prevention in the classroom. All those interviewed said that HIV/AIDS Education should be part of the COE curriculum. Based on this information, MOE has been working closely with college Tutors, student-teachers and Teacher Education and Specialized Services in MOE to develop an HIV/AIDS Teacher Education Course (HATEC). This draft Tutor’s Guide is for use during the pilot phase of HATEC. The Guide is not meant to be prescriptive: it includes activities which Tutors may or may not choose to do in your class.Those activities are described in the Guide as "Potential Activities" to ensure that Tutors are aware that they can improve upon or replace them. Additionally, for each topic, there are usually several potential activities to choose from.

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