HIV/AIDS and the Education Sector in Ghana: Review of policy and research documents, 1999-2003

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This synthesis is produced in the context of an IIEP and ERNWACA collaboration to provide a West and Central African content material for the HIV/AIDS and Education Clearinghouse. This collaboration involved the commissioning of ERNWACA Researchers in a number of West and Central African Countries, by IIEP, to identify, collect and review HIV/AIDS and Education documents in the various countries. This synthesis provides an overview of the scope and content of documents that were identified and accessed in the process. Fifteen documents were collected and summarized for the HIV/AIDS and Education#Clearinghouse under the IIEP contract and 14 other documents, some of which were already posted at the Clearinghouse, constitute the sources of information for the synthesis. The documents include 4 policy documents/briefing notes, 4 seminar/workshop/conference papers and reports, 4 programme implementation/evaluation reports, 6 implementation plans, 5 base-line studies, 3 impact studies, and 3 research designs. The documents cover mainly the formal education sector with heavy concentration on primary, secondary and teacher education. A few of them venture into Tertiary Institutions with a sizeable number of them delving into the area of policy, planning and management issues related to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.#A variety of methods were employed in developing the various documents reviewed.#These include review of literature, survey techniques, monitoring and review of ongoing#interventions, organization of panel meetings and workshops, stakeholders'#participatory appraisal and round table meetings and situational analyses.

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