HIV/AIDS and TEVT Technical Education and Vocational Training: Fact Sheet

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6 p.

This fact sheet presents position of German Technical Cooperation (GTZ). To prevent further spread and to mitigate negative effects of epidemic, GTZ has begun to mainstream the response to HIV/AIDS as a cross-cutting issue that needs to be addressed by all sectors. To support this process, a serie of fact sheets highlights how HIV/AIDS impacts on different sectors and shows ways in which each sector can contribute to an effective response to it. The first four sections of this fact sheet relates to the following questions: - The impact: How does HIV/AIDS affect the TEVT sector? - The comparative advantage: How can the TEVT sector in particular reduce vulnerability to HIV/AIDS and mitigate its impact? - The risk scenarios: How might TEVT contribute to the spread of HIV or aggravate its impact? - The GTZ approach: How can German development cooperation in the TEVT sector contribute to an effective response to HIV/AIDS?

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