How ready are we to address the relationship between HIV/AIDS and the quality of education?

Case Studies & Research
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This presentation highlights results from a global readiness survey on the education sector in 100 countries. Data is captured on 11 areas; education system and statistical indicators, MoE HIV/AIDS structures, enabling environment, HIV/AIDS mainstreaming, human resources, workplace HIV/AIDS programmes, HIV/AIDS and the curriculum, infected and affected, partnerships, research and self-assessment and prioritization. Some preliminary observations are that levels of structural response, dedicated staff, support or advocacy by education ministers, sectoral and workplace policy development, awareness programms and research is generally linked to prevalence level for example higher in medium or high prevalence situations. There is low levels of public commitment from education ministers in low prevalence environments. Funding priorities ranked curriculum, research and MoE structures highest, confirming a growing understanding of HIV/AIDS as a systematic issue.

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