An Impact Assessment Survey of the School Based HIV/AIDS Programmes in Namibia

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35 p.

Having instituted the HIV/AIDS education and prevention programmes in schools, the Ministry of Basic Education must now know and ascertain their utility and, justify their continuity and expansion to other regions. Or, verify their futility, and find ways to address and improve their delivery. Also, the unabating spread of HIV/AIDS in Namibia compelled the Ministry of Basic Education and Culture to assess the effectiveness of its programmes.The survey was conducted to primarily determine the impact of school-based HIV/AIDS programmes. The goals of the survey were to: Review to what extent the programmes were contributing towards the reduction of the spread of HIV/AIDS among the youth; determine which of the school-based programmes are effective in imparting HIV/AIDS education and preventative measures.Establish how the effectiveness of these programmes could be ascertained among learners; highlight factors which make these programmes successful or unsuccessful in achieving their goals.

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