Implementation plan for Tirisano: January 2000-December 2004

Policies & Strategies
Department of Education
23 p.

The Implementation Plan of Tirisano is a five year plan that provides the political mandate for South Africa's Department of Education. It is a call upon on South Africans by their Minister of Education, urging them to cooperate with the Ministry and provincial education authorities in addressing the most urgent problems in their educational sector. It aims at providing good quality accessible education from childhood right through adulthood, and ensuring that they prepare their citizens to be part of a multicultural society within a common set of values. Within "Programme 1: HIV/AIDS" are a number of projects designed to realize specific educational objectives. These include: 1) Awareness, information and advocacy; 2) HIV/AIDS within the curriculum; 3) HIV/AIDS and the education system. Strategic objectives, outcomes and performance indicators are listed for each project. A table of implementation outlines the strategic objectives, activities, outputs and time-frames for 2000-2001.

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