National life skills education framework

Policies & Strategies
Ministry of Education and Vocational Training
73 p.

The development of a National Life Skills Education Framework (NLSEF) took place at an opportune moment in Tanzanian education. This framework, links closely with national strategies and initiatives in the education sector to improve the overall well-being and learning outcomes for all Tanzanian children and youth. These strategies include: MoEVT HIV and AIDS Strategic plan, the In-Service Training Strategy, Basic Standards for Pre-primary and Primary Education in Tanzania and National Strategy for Care and Support Services in Primary Schools in Tanzania. The report is divided into five main sections. Section A provides a very brief overview of the global context and theoretical underpinning for life skills education. Section B briefly reviews the situation in Tanzania. Section C summarises the main areas of contention for developing the NLSEF, capturing the fact that there is a wide diversity of views on best approaches. Section D provides a narrative overview of the key results and strategies, as well as those risks and assumptions that will have to be addressed if the NLSEF is to guide the effective implementation of life skills education. Section E provides an overview of institutional arrangements required for the effective co-ordination, monitoring and evaluation of the NLSEF.

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