Post-2015 negotiation briefs #1: comprehensive sexuality education

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Sexuality Education is the process of acquiring information and forming attitudes, beliefs and values regarding interpersonal relationships, affection, intimacy, body image and gender roles. Having a ’comprehensive’ sexuality education is important because it empowers and equips young people with knowledge, skills and tools to determine and enjoy their sexuality, physically and emotionally. Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) should ideally be implemented in schools but it can also be implemented in informal settings for out-of-school children and youth. Several studies have demonstrated that CSE is helpful for: × Decreasing the number of unwanted teenage pregnancies × Contributing to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted infections × Delaying age of sexual debut × Improving attitudes of respect towards women and girls and towards people of diverse sexual orientations and genders × Decreasing dating violence and sexual violence. For these reasons, including CSE in the development agenda is very important for the goals related to health as well as those related to education, gender equality and peaceful societies.

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