Talking about sexually transmitted infections

Learning & Teaching Materials
Soul City
25 p., illus.

This booklet was produced by Soul City, a multi-media health and development programme, aimed at the youth and young adults in South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and Swaziland. It addresses the issue of sexually transmitted infections: what it is, signs of STIs, how they are spread and how to protect yourself and the people you love from STIs. It also explains the importance of getting treated when you have an STI. The chapter on HIV, AIDS and STIs provides an explanation of what HIV and AIDS are, how one knows if they have HIV, its signs, how HIV is spread and things that can be done to stop AIDS, HIV and other STIs. Its contents are as follows: 1) What are sexually transmitted infections? 2) Common STIs; 3) Protect yourself from STIs; 4) Getting treatment for an STI; 5) HIV, AIDS and STIs; 6) All about condoms; 7) Women and STIs; 8) Men and STIs; and 9) Other things to think about. Information about places to seek help is also available on the back cover.

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