What is the potential of cash transfers to strengthen families affected by HIV and AIDS? A review of the evidence on impacts and key policy debates

Case Studies & Research
Joint Learning Initiative on Children and HIV/AIDS, JLICA
232 p.

This paper examines how social protection can be used to protect children and families affected by HIV and AIDS, and specifically, the potential of cash transfers to secure basic subsistence and reduce poverty, while also strengthening the human capital of children - specifically, their education, health, and nutrition. The paper reviews evidence to date on the impacts of programmes under different designs, and reviews key policy debates that accompany decisions on programme designs, and how to make them to be responsive to the context of HIV and AIDS. In particular, it examines systems, experiences and dilemmas of targeting, and the debate on conditionality, i.e., whether cash transfers should be conditioned on beneficiaries' participation in services such as education and health care.

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