Adopting a gender transformative approach in sexual and reproductive health and rights, and gender-based violence programmes: Rutger's toolkit

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This toolkit has been designed as a resource and a guide to support the integration of a gender transformative approach (GTA) into sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) programmes and organisations. It consists of five modules published between 2019 and 2021.

Module 1 forms the ‘core’ of Rutgers’ GTA. It explains what we understand by GTA, why it is important to apply GTA to SRHR interventions and starts to explore how to do this.

Module 2 connects the GTA to comprehensive sexuality education (CSE). Here we learn how to apply the knowledge obtained in Module 1 to CSE programmes.

Module 3 connects the GTA to youth-friendly services (YFS). Here we learn how to apply the knowledge obtained in Module 1 to programmes that focus on accessible SRHR services for youth.

Module 4 deals with the GTA in relation to advocacy. This module invites participants to apply a gender transformative perspective to their (existing) advocacy strategy in relation to SRHR and its implementation.

Module 5 is about the application of a GTA at the institutional level. It contains case studies and examples of the necessary institutional changes supportive to GTA programming in the field of SRHR and the prevention of GBV. The cases are analysed, highlighting successes, looking at the challenges, and indicating lessons learned and possible logical steps forward to make the environment more conducive to internal gender transformation and strengthening the capacity to apply GTA into programming.

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