Agenda for Accelerated Country Action for Women, Girls, Gender Equality and HIV. Operational plan for the UNAIDS action framework: addressing women, girls, gender equality and HIV

Policies & Strategies
vi, 27 p.

This report addresses the rights and needs of women and girls and highlights opportunities to work with networks of women living with HIV and diverse women's groups, while engaging men and boys, in particular those working for gender equality. It is structured around three issues, in line with the UNAIDS Action Framework, that were identified by the Global Task Force as critical to overcoming obstacles to achieving major breakthroughs on women, girls, gender equality and HIV. As outlined below, each issue is accompanied by a recommendation, a set of results and corresponding actions, as well as the parties to be held accountable for delivering results - including the UNAIDS family, individual Cosponsors, the Secretariat, the UN joint teams on AIDS, UNIFEM and other partners, and envisions a role for the to-be-established UN agency for women.

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