Choices in family planning : informed and voluntary decision making

Toolkits & Guides
New York
62 p.

Recognizing the gap between the rhetoric and the reality of informed choice, EngenderHealth developed an expanded conceptual framework for informed and voluntary sexual and reproductive health (SRH) decision making, which is the basis of this practical tool kit. Field-tested in several countries, Choices in Family Planning consists of four sections: (1) Introduction: provides an overview of important concepts related to informed and voluntary decision making and of the conceptual framework that considers individual/community, service-delivery, and policy factors, and explains how to use the three tools separately or together; (2) Discussion Guide: enables users to facilitate a broad discussion of the elements of and conditions that underpin informed choice; (3) Preliminary Assessment Guide: enables users to assess the status of SRH decision making in a given programme by identifying challenges and supporting factors; and (4) The Next Steps Guide: enables users to plan strategies to strengthen supports for family planning clients' SRH decision making.

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