Experiences of LGBT Youth in U.S. schools: newly released findings from the GLSEN 2009 National School Climate Survey

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This webinar presented an overview of research findings from GLSEN's 2009 National School Climate Survey, as detailed in a new report on the school experiences of LGBT youth that was released on September 13th. We discussed the prevalence of a hostile school climate for many LGBT youth, including the high frequency of homophobic remarks made in school and of in-school victimization because of sexual orientation and gender expression. We examined the negative effects of a hostile school climate on LGBT students' academic achievement, educational aspirations, and psychological well-being as well as the importance of in-school supports for LGBT students, such as Gay-Straight Alliances and inclusive curricular resources. In this webinar we also presented findings about changes over the past decade on indicators of a hostile school climate and access to LGBT-related resources in schools.

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