Intervention and results of combating school-related gender-based violence in Democratic Republic of Congo

Programme Reports & Evaluations
30 p.

This powerpoint presents the outcome of a project which aimed to promote positive social and gender norms to prevent and mitigate SRGBV in Katanga Province, DRC. The objectives of the project were to: equip girl and boy students with knowledge and understanding of SRGBV and the skills to resist/avoid it; increase knowledge of school administrators, teachers, and parents to identify, discourage, and intervene in incidences of SRGBV; establish policies and structures in the school to discourage SRGBV and encourage school administrators, community members, and parents to enforce and support them; increase the number of students who report incidences of SRGBV and seek supportive services; increase girls’ and boys’ understanding of the consequences of SRGBV and change underlying attitudes.

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