Case Studies & Research
Case Studies & Research | 2022

Special issue on education in pandemics

This special issue of the Journal on Education in Emergencies (JEiE) offers empirical observations of the effects the COVID-19 pandemic has had on students, parents, and teachers in conflict and crisis-affected contexts.

Policies & Strategies
Policies & Strategies | 2020

Protocole de lutte contre le coronavirus en milieux scolaires

Les acteurs éducatifs du Sous-Secteur de l’Enseignement Primaire, Secondaire et Technique prennent l’engagement d’appliquer scrupuleusement les dispositions ci-après pour lutter efficacement contre la propagation de la maladie à Coronavirus, COVID-19 en milieux scolaires dès la réouverture des cl

Literature Reviews
Literature Reviews | 2017

Menstrual health management in East and Southern Africa: a review paper

This review provides an overview of MHM policies and programmes in the ESA region, with a focus on education, school and community-based sexuality education, WASH, sexual and reproductive health, workplace support and humanitarian programming, as well as opening up the discussion regarding margin