Manual for integrating HIV and AIDS education in school curricula

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Manuel pour l'intégration de l'éducation VIH et SIDA dans les curricula officiels
Manual para integrar la educación al VIH y al SIDA en los currículos oficiales
Manual for integrating HIV and AIDS education in school curricula (in Arabic)
Пособие по включению образования в области ВИЧ и СПИДа в куррикулумы
Manual para a integrecão da educacão sobre VIH e SIDA nos currículos oficiais

This tool was developed by UNESCO's IBE with the goal of improving teaching and learning on HIV and AIDS in official basic education curricula. It includes a set of tools, assembled in a manual, to support the development and adaptation of quality teaching and learning material for HIV and AIDS education, as well as teacher training. Some of the key issues addressed in this manual include: How can HIV and AIDS education be integrated more effectively into existing curricula and school programmes? How can HIV and AIDS teaching and learning materials be effectively adapted or developed? The purpose of the manual is to facilitate the assessment of existing practices and provide solutins that are adapted to different contexts in order to improve the effectiveness of HIV and AIDS education in primary and secondary schools. The manual consists of ten tools that can either be used individually or together. As the development and implementation of curricula and school programmes are also political, social and cultural processes, the first three tools are designed to facilitate assessing the context in which HIV and AIDS education occurs. The ten tools cover technical aspects of the process of developing and implementing school curricula and programmes. They provide information and recommendations aimed at addressing the implications of the integration of comprehensive and multidimensional HIV and AIDS education into national curricula. They also offer guidance on the essential themes, the teaching methods and the assessment of learning outcomes. The last tool highlights quality criteria for the appraisal of HIV and AIDS material for learners, teachers and teacher training.

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